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Travel Deals From a Travel Pro

Some people just book the regular rate, some people just book the internet rates, some people get packages. I believe the easiest way to get a deal at a hotel is at the last minute on the internet. The way the hotel works is at a certain point they sell only high rates, when they have figured out that they will not be able to sell out with the high rates, they open up the floodgates for the cheap rates such as Priceline,, or one of the many other hundreds of travel discount websites. Don’t get me wrong these websites are great for last minute business as it gives the hotel a strong push to sell out often.

So, naturally the question that arises is “how do I get the best rates.” What is the best deal of the day? The answer is with due diligence on the internet. If price is your only concern when booking then the internet is the way to go. I recommend finding hotels that are not particularly busy on the night and book through the internet booking engines. If a hotel is busy they are going to mark up the rates and not offer the great deals. If a hotel is slow, they let the booking engines sell rooms for pretty much no profit. In the industry there is a saying that we just need to get “heads in beds”. This is the philosophy that no matter how cheap the rate is, it is better to have people in the hotel at worthless rates, then have nothing at all.

The downside to looking only for the cheapest rooms is missing out on the rewards clubs and upgrades. The truth of the matter is, that if you are only booking rooms on the internet for price, then you probably have never stayed in a nice room. It is of not advantage of the hotel to upgrade price-hunters and people with no loyalty. What a hotel chain is looking for is loyalty, someone they can have back and isn’t just there for the cheap room. So, if you book your room for a great rate 2 hours before you show up, do not expect a room on a high floor, with a great view, with even the bed configuration that you want. You get what you pay for.

Finding deals in the travel industry has never been easier. There are a million travel websites, including some cool new one deal at a time sites that offer the craziest deals on cruises, flights, rooms, etc… It is a travelers market right now. If you want to go somewhere make sure you check numerous sources on the internet, because just because they say low rate guaranteed, does not mean that that is the lowest rate. Good luck finding those deals.

Super Travel Deals For the Traveler on a Budget

There are always three things that you look for when on the prowl for a place to visit: the place should be easy-on-the-eyes, suited to your taste, and of course, very budget-friendly. You’re looking for the Superman of travel deals, and this is where super travel deals come into the picture! To get a super travel deal, the bargain must be all three of the characteristics mentioned above, and more that you did not think to include, or did not think you could afford but suddenly comes to you virtually free of charge! And the best part of this is that you need only to enjoy them once they come along, since they are usually a “no-strings-attached” sort of thing, like the deals that are mentioned on Tony Morrison’s ‘My Airfare Secrets’. You just need the right strategy to be able to get super travel deals, and have the vacation that you’ve always dreamed about!

Plan ahead – It’s never a good thing to get travel tickets during peak seasons, like holidays. Usually, travel companies charge a lot more during these times because people are harried, and need to get where they want to go double-time! You have to content with other people, and usually have to put up with leftovers. By booking and purchasing travel tickets early, you’re not only getting the pick of the seats, but also saving yourself the trouble should trouble arise in the future and throw a wrench into your plans.

1. Go somewhere that’s not known.
The funny thing is, going to places like the Bahamas or Hawaii is seriously over-rated and over-crowded. People from all over the world are going there and staying there, and you’re traveling to enjoy yourself, not be around more people than where you came from! Why not travel to a small inn in Naples’ Wine Valley or book a small cottage in Spain? Try something that you’ve never even thought of, and you’ll be surprised how much you can actually enjoy yourself!

2. Use other modes of transport.
A lot of people just accept the rental car rates that are already packaged with their travel packages, never mind the extra fee. However, there are always other options available to you if you just look around a little. For a smaller fee, you can rent a motorcycle and cruise your way around the area. If you’re a health junkie, there’s always a bike shop nearby willing to rent you one of their units!

3. Make friends!
No matter where you’re going and who your company is, it always pays to make friends. Be amiable to your travel agent, your flight attendant, your luggage carrier, your cab driver…just about anyone you’ll meet through your travels. When you are, you will notice that they’ll most often act the same way towards you!

If you’re looking for super travel deals around, you have to really put in some time and sweat to find what fits your budget and your expectations of your travel. You’ll find it’ll be nothing compared to the great time you’ll have when you do!

Green and Cheap Traveling Tips

Traveling Green is a way of life. It’s a great way to travel the world, or just around your own town. There are several options to take into consideration when going on your next trip.

Couch Surfing is one of the greatest achievements the Internet has come up with for what it was intended for: Bringing People Together. Couch Surfing is more than a social networking site, it’s a way of life. It features people from all over the world, who let travelers stay with them. What’s great about Couch Surfing, is that it differs from most social networks simply because 90% of the people on the site are very cool and interesting people.

It’s a great way to stay green as well since Hotels are extremely wasteful when it comes to laundry, water, energy, etc. With a Hotel you also don’t get that experience of truly visiting the place you are, hanging out with locals, finding the right spots to see, avoiding tourist traps. There are a million reasons why Couch Surfing is the greatest site ever, but you should go check it out for yourself. Host some people, you will make lifelong friends and meet a ton of very interesting people.

2. Trains and Busses Aren’t Just for the City!
When traveling don’t instantly think that you have to take a flight. Sure many of the options take much longer, and sometimes there isn’t much of a price difference, but it makes for greener transportation and adventures of a lifetime. Next trip you make look into Trains and Busses. Amtrak has several deals, especially if you are going on long tours of several towns. Also if you are a student or military you can sign up for student advantage card and get a 20% off discount. That will save you a bundle on the Multi- Ride Tickets.

Mega Bus is also a great service for extremely low-priced Bus Rides. Right now they only serve New England, the Mid-West. and the UK. All rates start at $1 plus a $1 booking fee. Make sure to order as soon as advanced, the prices go up by the day. You will most likely get a ticket from anywhere to $2.00 to $35 depending on when you get it.

Greyhound works as well, but I haven’t found that many great deals. If your going far, take a train, but if you are only going regional I suggest looking into local bus lines. A fairly big chain is China Town Bus. They are featured in nearly every big city, and will take you anywhere in the region. They have great rates anywhere from $10-40 depending on how soon and how far you’re going.

3. Ride Share Programs
There are a few sites out there that feature rideshares. Generally you can find others to tag along with to a near by big city, or event such as a big Jam Band Festival. They’re in never a shortage of people looking to meet other cool people and to split the gas.

Craigslist has a great Ride Share message board on their site. You can find people who are looking for other riders and you can even post that you are looking as well. The only thing with this option is that it is hard to plan far ahead, many of the postings are for the next weekend so look especially for last minute/last change travel.

4. Travel By Bike
Bicycle Touring has become more and more popular along with the recent rise in Bike Riders. Now this takes a lot of research and planning, and is in no way easy, but is the most rewarding badass way to travel. This will be a personal milestone for you as well as you get life long bragging rights.

There are several great routes you can take, many of them are the same historical routes of American history. The Underground Railroad, Oregon Trail, Louis and Clark Expedition, etc. It’s a great way to enjoy nature and go for a bike ride. For more information and routes check out the Adventure Cycling Associations Website.

What is great also great about these forms of transportation is that it’s an adventure as well. There is something amazing about traveling the country by bike, rail, or bus. Its very nostalgic, and it will also give you lot of time to take in the scenery and have some serious thought time. In the near future, I will be posting some of my favorite travel routes and journeys.